Hamid Ghodse

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BACKGROUND/AIMS Despite being amphetamine derivatives, MDMA and its analogues show a number of clinical pharmacological differences with respect to both amphetamine (AMP) and methylamphetamine (METH). We aimed here at reporting and analysing information relating to the socio-demographics and clinical circumstances of the AMP-type stimulant-related deaths(More)
There have been relatively few studies examining sleep in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and these have produced contradictory findings. A recent retrospective study identified a possible association between OCD and a circadian rhythm sleep disorder known as delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS). Patients with this pattern of sleeping go to(More)
BACKGROUND Mortality in specified clinical populations has often been regarded as a measure of treatment effectiveness. This study examined time trends in mortality of drug addicts in the UK notified to the Home Office over a 27-year period. METHODS The study was a longitudinal analysis of routine mortality data of a population of newly notified addicts(More)
Background: There is growing concern about increase in illicit drug use and associated fatalities in young people. Method: This longitudinal analysis of successive cohorts of addicts in England and Wales aged 15–19 years followed up over a 20-year period covering 1974 to 1993 (1) investigated trends in all-causes mortality; (2) examined teenage-specific(More)
INTRODUCTION To study the prevalence of delayed sleep phase (DSP) in a cohort of inpatients with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and to identify clinical and demographic correlates. METHODS A systematic retrospective case-report study of consecutive OCD admissions to a specialist inpatient unit from January 1995 to December 2003. Nursing and(More)
BACKGROUND The extent of suicide among addicts in the UK has not been sufficiently examined. AIMS To examine suicide trends among registered addicts in the UK over a 25-year period. METHOD We quantified suicide using International Classification of Diseases (ICD) external death codes E950-959, calculated annual age-standardised suicide rates,(More)
AIM To develop and evaluate the comparative effectiveness of behavioural interventions of enhanced prevention counselling (EPC) and simple educational counselling (SEC) in reducing hepatitis C viral (HCV) infection in sero-negative injecting drug users (IDU). DESIGN Randomised controlled trial (RCT) of EPC intervention in comparison with simple(More)
BACKGROUND Over 12,000 hospital admissions in the UK result from substance misuse, therefore issues surrounding this need to be addressed early on in a doctor's training to facilitate their interaction with this client group. Currently, undergraduate medical education includes teaching substance misuse issues, yet how this is formally integrated into the(More)
OBJECTIVE A previous study, based upon direct nursing observations, showed almost half of a cohort of inpatients with severe, enduring OCD also suffered from delayed sleep phase shift. Males, younger patients and those with more severe symptoms were most likely to be affected. However, the ward environment may have had a direct effect on sleeping patterns.(More)
We investigated subjective sleep parameters and sleep difficulties of opiate addicts undertaking methadone detoxification and identified their sleep profile. Using the St Mary's Sleep Questionnaire, we compared the subjective sleep parameters of 27 consecutively consenting patients (16 males, 11 females) with a mean age of 33 years (S.D. = 7.5) undertaking(More)