Hamid Daneshpajooh

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This paper is concerned with finding the optimum operating points of a soft-switched dual half bridge bidirectional dc-dc converter. Phase shift modulation (θ) with a fixed duty cycle is used to control the converter [1] but the soft switching range is limited. In this paper the soft switching range and efficiency of the converter are highly improved(More)
This paper is concerned with the investigation of common medium-power isolated bidirectional dc-dc converters (IBDC) which are increasingly being used in many applications such as interfacing renewable energy resources to utility grid, hybrid electric vehicles and UPS systems. Although different varieties of IBDCs have been proposed by researchers, they can(More)
This paper presents a new technique to improve the efficiency of the ZVS full-bridge dc-dc converter used to process the power between the high voltage traction battery and the 12V utility battery in a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV). Efficient operation of the converter is crucial in order to maintain the energy of traction battery for a longer time(More)
In this paper a modified dual active bridge (DAB) topology with a new modulation technique is proposed for bidirectional dc-dc conversion that not only improves the soft switching range of the converter but also highly reduces the large current ripples at low voltage side. Phase shift and duty cycles of active bridges on two sides, (d<sub>1</sub>,(More)
In this paper a multivariable control system is proposed for an efficient ZVS full-bridge dc-dc converter used in a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV). This converter processes the power between the high voltage traction battery and low voltage (12V) battery. Generally, Phase-shift between the two legs of the full-bridge converter is the main control(More)
This paper presents a predictive control strategy for a family of zero-voltage switching phase-shift-modulated dc/dc converters initially reported for fuel cell application. The proposed control method guarantees zero-voltage switching (ZVS) operation with minimal current overshoot in auxiliary branches for all the line and load transients. The suggested(More)
In this paper design of a dual half bridge (DHB) converter as a soft switched isolated bidirectional dc-dc converter is discusses. The operation principles and steady state analysis of the converter with phase shift (&#x03B8;) plus duty cycle (d) control are explained and soft switching conditions are extracted. The design and selection of main components(More)
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