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Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) is a life-threatening complication of delivery. It is the leading cause of maternal mortality. During the last 15 years, several total uterine compressive sutures were described in literature. They have proven their effectiveness and safety in the management of severe PPH as an alternative to hysterectomy. We present in this(More)
Intramyometrial pregnancy is a rare form of ectopic pregnancy. It makes a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge. If misdiagnosed the intramyometrial pregnancy can cause a uterine rupture and become life-threatening condition. We report a case of intramyometrial pregnancy in twin pregnancy following IVF with spontaneous abortion of the first twin At 9 weeks(More)
Inherited combined factor V and factor VIII deficiency (F5F8D) is autosomal recessive transmission disorder. Epistaxis, postsurgical bleeding, and menorrhagia are the most common symptoms. The risk of miscarriage and placental abruption is consequent. We report a case of successful pregnancy in a patient with F5F8D. 20-year-old woman, born of consanguineous(More)
Introduction: Le streptocoque du groupe B est le principal agent impliqué dans les infections materno-fœtales, les septicémies et les méningites du nouveau-né à terme. L'objectif est de déterminer le taux de portage maternel du streptocoque du groupe B (SGB) à terme. Méthodes: Un prélèvement vaginal a été réalisé de manière prospective chez 275 parturientes(More)
Consensual or imposed sexual act can cause traumas. Post coital bleeding is a common gynecological symptom. It can reveal serious problems. The aim of our study is to analyze the epidemiological, diagnostic and therapeutic profile as well as preventive measures in case of post coital tear. This is a prospective study, over two years, conducted in the(More)
L'acte sexuel consenti ou imposé, peut être à l'origine des traumatismes. L'hémorragie post coïtale est un symptôme gynécologique commun. Elle peut révéler de sérieux problèmes. Le but de notre travail est d'étudier le profil épidémiologique, diagnostique et thérapeutique ainsi que les moyens préventifs en cas de déchirure post coïtale. Il s'agit d'une(More)
Pan African Medical Journal. 2016; 25:153 doi:10.11604/pamj.2016.25.153.9853 This article is available online at: http://www.panafrican-med-journal.com/content/article/25/153/full/ © Hind Zhiri et al. The Pan African Medical Journal ISSN 1937-8688. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License(More)
Limb Body Wall Complex (LBWC) is a rare heterogenic group of fetal malformations including major defects of the ventral body (thoracoabdominal) wall associated with other anomalies including those of the limbs that may range from amelia to mild positional deformations, unusual craniofacial malformations, and a variety of visceral abnormalities that include(More)
Paget's disease of the vulva remains a rare condition with only a limited number of cases reported in the literature. It is an uncommon neoplasm usually of postmenopausal white women characterized by controversies in its prevalence, clinical features, treatment strategies, and prognostic. We here report a case of a primary Paget's disease of the vulva in(More)
L’atrésie iléale est une malformation congénitale rare, elle constitue une faible part avec une incidence de 1 pour 5000 cas. Elle peut être suspectée et diagnostiqué échographiquement à la fin du deuxième et troisième trimestre. La concertation obstétrico-chirurgicale constitue ici la clé du succès. Eliminer une maladie générale à mauvais pronostic, lutter(More)