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This paper investigates the impact of demand response resources (DRRs) as the consequence of implementing demand response programs (DRPs) on power markets. Indeed, this paper incorporates comme r-cial concept of DRPs with unit commitmen t (UC) to solve ''unit and DR commitment'' problem. This mixed problem will decrease the network operation cost by using(More)
PURPOSE To compare the dynamics of systemic inflammatory indices during laparoscopic nephrectomy (LN) and standard open donor nephrectomy. PATIENTS AND METHODS Participants in this cohort study were 54 adults without a history of renal surgery and no evidence of urinary tract infection who underwent transperitoneal LN (n=29) and open donor nephrectomy(More)
INTRODUCTION The increased emphasis on standards-based school accountability since the passage of the no child left behind act of 2001 is focusing critical attention on the professional development of school principals and their ability to meet the challenges of improving the student outcomes. Due to this subject, the current study examined professional(More)
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