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A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is dynamic in nature and is composed of wirelessly connected nodes that perform hop-by-hop routing without the help of any fixed infrastructure. One of the important requirements of aMANET is the efficiency of energy, which increases the lifetime of the network. Several techniques have been proposed by researchers to achieve(More)
UNLABELLED Encephalocele is the protrusion of the cranial contents beyond the normal confines of the skull through a defect in the calvarium and is far less common than spinal dysraphism. The exact world wide frequency is not known. A substantial proportion of children especially those born with a large encephaloceles are physically and intellectually(More)
It is widely known that hepatitis and its complications such as cirrhosis or hepatocellular carcinoma are one of the major health problems of the world especially since no specific treatment is available. In the present study we investigated the hepatoprotective potential of the methanolic extract of the whole plant of Dodonaea viscosa and its ethyl(More)
This paper presents a high-speed Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer (DDFS), using a new technique for designing a Phase Accumulator (PA) by merging the Carry-Lock-Ahead Adder (CLA) in each pipeline stage consisting of D-flip flops (DFF) and the Ripple-Carry-Adder (RCA) between these stages. The proposed PA exploits the advantage of the CLA to get the(More)
In protein fold recognition problem an effort is made to assign a fold to given proteins, this is of practical importance and has diverse application in the field of bioinformatics such as the discovery of new drugs, the individual implication of amino acid in a protein and bringing improvement in a specific protein function. In this paper, we have studied(More)
The compounds, sarcovagine-D, alkaloid-C, and holaphylline isolated from Sarcococca saligna were found to possess immunosuppressive activities. These compounds were characterized for in vitro inhibition on human T-cells proliferation and IL-2 production. The compounds showed significant immunosuppressive effect on IL-2 production as well as on(More)
Sarcococca saligna methanolic extract, fractions and isolated pure compounds saracocine (1), saracodine (2), pachyximine-A (3) and terminaline (4) were found to possess potent immunosuppressive activities. The fractions and compounds were tested in-vitro for their effects on human T-cell proliferation, and cytokine (IL-2) production. All the fractions,(More)
Group Counseling Optimizer (GCO) is a new heuristic inspired by human behavior in problem solving during counseling within a group. GCO has been found to be successful in case of single-objective optimization problems, but so far it has not been extended to deal with multi-objective optimization problems. In this paper, a Pareto dominance based GCO(More)