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Keywords: Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) Multi-objective particle swarm optimization (MOPSO) Clustering Cluster-head (CH) Energy-efficient networks Load balance factor a b s t r a c t A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is dynamic in nature and is composed of wirelessly connected nodes that perform hop-by-hop routing without the help of any fixed infrastructure.(More)
In protein fold recognition problem an effort is made to assign a fold to given proteins, this is of practical importance and has diverse application in the field of bioinformatics such as the discovery of new drugs, the individual implication of amino acid in a protein and bringing improvement in a specific protein function. In this paper, we have studied(More)
—Group Counseling Optimizer (GCO) is a new heuristic inspired by human behavior in problem solving during counseling within a group. GCO has been found to be successful in case of single-objective optimization problems, but so far it has not been extended to deal with multi-objective optimization problems. In this paper, a Pareto dominance based GCO(More)
Inhibin α (INHα), a member of TGFβ superfamily, is an important modulator of reproductive function that plays a vital role in follicular changes, cell differentiation, oocyte development, and ultimately in mammalian reproduction. However, the role of inhibin α in female fertility and ovarian function remains largely unknown. To define its role in(More)
Indoor maps are highly essential for indoor positioning and location-based services. People existing in big building such as mall, airport and hospitals leads to rapid growth in location based applications. Todays, typical indoor positioning systems employ a training/positioning model using Wi-Fi fingerprints. While these approaches have practical results(More)
The compounds, sarcovagine-D, alkaloid-C, and holaphylline isolated from Sarcococca saligna were found to possess immunosuppressive activities. These compounds were characterized for in vitro inhibition on human T-cells proliferation and IL-2 production. The compounds showed significant immunosuppressive effect on IL-2 production as well as on(More)
Most intrusion detection systems are signature based that work similar to anti-virus but they are unable to detect the zero-day attacks. The importance of the anomaly based IDS has raised because of its ability to deal with the unknown attacks. However smart attacks are appeared to compromise the detection ability of the anomaly based IDS. By considering(More)
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