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Considering that vaginal delivery is a painful process, the present study investigated the effects of Citrus aurantium on the severity of first-stage labor pain in primiparous women. This study was a randomized clinical trial conducted with 126 eligible primiparous patients. The pain severity of patients was measured at the time of enrolling in the study.(More)
BACKGROUND Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is one of the most common gynecological infections during reproductive age. Although metronidazole is one of the most effective medications recommended as the first-line treatment, it has various side effects. Because of the side effects and contraindications of some chemical medicines, using herbs has been investigated(More)
BACKGROUND Despite some studies indicating that thyroid antibody positivity during pregnancy has been associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes, evidence regarding the effects of levothyroxine (LT4) treatment of euthyroid/subclinical hypothyroid pregnant women with autoimmune thyroid disease on pregnancy outcome is limited. We aimed to assess whether(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Hypercholesterolemia is the most important risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. In this study, we compared the effect of consuming probiotic yogurt with that of ordinary yogurt on serum cholesterol level in mildly to moderately hypercholesterolemic subjects. METHODS This randomized and crossover trial included 14 healthy subjects(More)
BACKGROUND Lack of adequate social support, stress, and generally poor quality of life during pregnancy leads to adverse pregnancy outcomes for both the mother and the baby. OBJECTIVES This study aimed to investigate the relationship of social support and quality of life with level of stress during pregnancy. MATERIALS AND METHODS This was a(More)
BACKGROUND Preterm delivery is still the primary cause of mortality and morbidity in infants, which shows a problematic condition in the care of pregnant women all over the world. This review study describes prevalence and psycho - socio-demographic as well as obstetrical risk factors related to live preterm delivery (PTD) in the recent decade in Iran. (More)
BACKGROUND Anxiety is the most common psychological response of women to labor. Aromatherapy, i.e. the use of fragrant essential oils to stimulate the olfactory system, can create a state of calmness and help to alleviate anxiety. OBJECTIVES The present study tried to determine the efficacy of aromatherapy with Citrus aurantium oil in reducing anxiety(More)
PURPOSE Uncertainty is a major component in the illness experiences which extraordinarily can affect the psychological adjustment and the illness outcomes. Uncertainty in illness is defined as inability to define the illness-related events to the illness or disability in predicting the illness outcomes. The present study aimed to translate the Persian(More)
Due to adolescents' future crucial roles, their health needs should be included in the national health system policy. In this cross-sectional study 2010 female adolescents were recruited from randomly selected schools in Iran. To obtain their health needs, the participants completed a self-administrated questionnaire. It was revealed that emotional needs(More)
BACKGROUND Meta-analysis is a statistical technique in which the results of two or more independent studies, with similar objectives, are mathematically combined in order to improve the reliability of the results. The outliers, which may exist even in random models, can affect the validity and strength of meta-analysis results. OBJECTIVES The current(More)