Hamel Benmoussa

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To reduce the suspended solids load to a trickling filter installation, raw swine effluent was pre-treated with ferric chloride and a cationically charged polyacrylamide coagulant resulting in unexpected struvite accumulation downstream of this post-separation process. Using this pre-treated swine manure, struvite precipitation studies were carried out as a(More)
This study investigated the treatment of oily bilgewater using an electrocoagulation technique. Electrocoagulation process was evaluated at laboratory scale (1.7 l electrolytic cell) and involved utilization of two kinds of electrodes (iron and aluminium) arranged either in bipolar (BP) or monopolar (MP) configuration. Results showed that the best(More)
Slaughterhouse wastewaters contain varied and high amounts of organic matter (e.g., proteins, blood, fat). In order to produce an effluent suitable for stream discharge, electrochemical techniques have been particularly explored at the laboratory pilot scale for organic compounds removal from poultry slaughterhouse (PS) effluent. Electrocoagulation (EC)(More)
There are some elements that are the basis of most solar heating of water: the sensor (s), storage tank, heat transfer medium and interconnecting tubes. The hybrid solar collector PVT captures sunlight and converts it into heat which is transferred to the storage tank by means of a fluid such as water or air. An expansion vessel is used in closed to(More)
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