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Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)-related breast cancer may carry a better prognosis since there is no increase in breast cancer deaths. We looked at the prognostic risk factors and outcome inpatients who had ever taken HRT compared to those who had not, in a case control study. Subgroups of recent-users and those using HRT for >5 years were also compared(More)
AIMS We aimed to confirm suggestions that tamoxifen therapy alone may resolve physiological gynaecomastia. METHODS A prospective audit of the outcome of tamoxifen routinely given to men with physiological gynaecomastia was carried out at Nottingham. Men referred with gynaecomastia had clinical signs recorded, e.g., type (diffuse 'fatty' or retro-areolar(More)
We reported a case of 79-year old woman with known large bowel diverticulosis presenting with small bowel obstruction due to stone impaction - found on plain abdominal X-ray. Contrast studies demonstrated small bowel diverticulosis. At laparotomy, the gall bladder was normal with no stones and no abnormal communication with small bowel - excluding the(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine a previous increase in male gallstone disease and to consider the burden of gallstones in a necropsy study with matched controls over a decade. Gallstone prevalence in 5,050 males fell from 20.2% to 19.1% (P = 0.022) and in 4,125 females fell from 30.4% to 29.0% (P = 0.03). Female gallstone subjects had a higher BMI(More)
BACKGROUND Although salivary-type hyperamylasemia is known to occur with ovarian pathologies such as salpingitis and adenocarcinoma, pancreatic-type hyperamylasemia and hyperlipasemia are considered to be highly specific for pancreatitis. OBJECTIVES To discuss the interpretation of hyperamylasemia in the context of acute abdominal pain, implications for(More)
BACKGROUND There is speculation that a high number of migrants use free UK National Health Services to which they are not entitled. In response, the UK government has sought to develop and expand current overseas visitors (OVs) charging systems to target these noneligible migrants for payment. Current guidance to UK primary care providers is ambiguous, and(More)
AIMS We aimed to assess the effectiveness of a local anaesthetic and steroid combination injection therapy in the management of non-cyclical mastalgia. METHODS Patients with non-cyclical mastalgia were assessed for rib tenderness (lateral chest wall tenderness-LCWT). The tenderest spot was injected with a combined preparation of 1 ml 2% lignocaine and 1(More)
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