Hamed Nekoubin

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The aim of present study was to determine the LC50/96 h value of copper sulfate and determine the growth performance of Caspian Sea kutum) Rutilus frisii kutum (fingerlings during 60-days sub-lethal copper (Cu). After acclimation period to two weeks, for determine the LC50/96 h value, total of 27 aquarium with a capacity of 60 L each stocked with 10 fishes(More)
Clove oil is an effective, local and natural anaesthetic. Many hatcheries and research studies use clove oil to immobilize fish for handling, sorting, tagging, artificial reproduction procedures and surgery and to suppress sensory systems during invasive procedures. Clove oil may be more appropriate for use in commercial aquaculture situations. Improper(More)
In present study the effect of feeding frequency on growth performance, feed efficiency and survival rate of juvenile of grass carp were investigated. Three groups of juvenile grass carp (average weight 4.31±0.1 g) designed with three feeding frequencies one meal a day (D1), two meals a day (D2) and four meals a day (D3) with two replicates of each(More)
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