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This paper investigates PHEVs effect on a distributed network while they charge in charging stations. In this paper, voltage profile and power factor improvement are made in the presence of PHEV. PHEV Charge modeling parameters such as battery capacity, PHEV daily traveled distance and PHEV entrance time to charging stations all are probabilistic. Thus, a(More)
Fault diagnosis is a vital discussion in power systems restoration. Recently, much research endeavors have been done for fault section diagnosis of power systems by using several techniques, such as rule-based expert system, logic-based expert system, fuzzy relation based expert system, neural network, optimization techniques based approach, etc. They(More)
—This paper presents a new most complete model for corona analyzing in overhead transmission lines with considering skin effect and conductance originate from corona in PSCAD. The transmission line is divided into adequate identical sections which include nonlinear (voltage dependent) capacitor and resistor branch for corona modeling and series resistor and(More)
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