Hamed Kalantari

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Transfer point location problem in which demand points are weighted and their coordinates are uniformly distributed for the case of minimax objective and planar topology has been introduced recently. In the real problems, such as disaster cases, different points of an area might be demand locations with different possibility degrees. Thus, developing a more(More)
Recent developments in information and communication technology (ICT) offer new opportunities for rapid and efficient information transfer through electronic systems such as computer, the Internet, etc. In the current educational system of Iran, ICT has not been as extensively implemented as in other countries. High costs associated with implementing these(More)
In the present study, the production of various transient forms of sulfur during biological oxidation of sulfidic spent caustics under haloalkaline conditions in a stirred tank bioreactor is investigated. Also, the effects of abiotic aeration (chemical oxidation), dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration and sodium concentration on forms of sulfur during(More)
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