Hamed Hamid Muhammed

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A new more efficient variant of a recently developed algorithm for unsupervised fuzzy clustering is introduced. A Weighted Incremental Neural Network (WINN) is introduced and used for this purpose. The new approach is called FC-WINN (Fuzzy Clustering using WINN). The WINN algorithm produces a net of nodes connected by edges, which reflects and preserves the(More)
Using spectral reflectance to estimate crop status is a method suitable for developing sensors for site-specific agricultural applications. When developing spectral analysis methods, it is important to know the influence of different crop parameters on the spectral reflectance profile. The objective of this report was to present and evaluate a multivariate(More)
It has been found, through many research works, that hyperspectral reflectance data can be used for studying the pathological conditions of crops. The influence of the pathological status of a crop on its spectral characteristics can be visible or detectable in the visible and/or the near-infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, depending on the(More)
An automated method for the segmentation and tracking of moving vessel walls in 2D ultrasound image sequences is introduced. The method was tested on simulated and real ultrasound image sequences of the carotid artery. Tracking was achieved via a self organizing neural network known as Growing Neural Gas. This topology-preserving algorithm assigns a net of(More)
A novel method for characterizing and visualizing the progression of waves along the walls of the carotid artery is presented. The new approach is noninvasive and able to simultaneously capture the spatial and the temporal propagation of wavy patterns along the walls of the carotid artery in a completely automated manner. Spatiotemporal and spatiospectral(More)
-A novel automated method for the classification of the physiological condition of the carotid artery in 2D ultrasound image sequences is introduced. Unsupervised clustering was applied for the segmentation process in which both spatial and temporal information was utilized. Radial distension is then measured in the inner surface of the vessel wall, and(More)