Hamed Hamid Muhammed

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An automated method for the segmentation and tracking of moving vessel walls in 2D ultrasound image sequences is introduced. The method was tested on simulated and real ultrasound image sequences of the carotid artery. Tracking was achieved via a self organizing neural network known as Growing Neural Gas. This topology-preserving algorithm assigns a net of(More)
A new more efficient variant of a recently developed algorithm for unsupervised fuzzy clustering is introduced. A Weighted Incremental Neural Network (WINN) is introduced and used for this purpose. The new approach is called FC-WINN (Fuzzy Clustering using WINN). The WINN algorithm produces a net of nodes connected by edges, which reflects and preserves the(More)
A novel algorithm for unsupervised fuzzy clustering is introduced. The algorithm uses a so-called Weighted Fixed Neural Network (WFNN) to store important and useful information about the topological relations in a given data set. The algorithm produces a weighted connected net, of weighted nodes connected by weighted edges, which reflects and preserves the(More)
Using a set of colour-infrared aerial photos, we compare a newly developed neural net based clustering method with a method based on the classical ISODATA algorithm. The primary focus is on the detection of buildings and it shows that while the traditional method has an advantage in splitting background from foreground, the neural net based method results(More)
In this study, we present the exact solution of certain fractional partial differential equations (FPDE) by using a modified homotopy perturbation method (MHPM).The exact solutions are constructed by choosing an appropriate initial approximation and only one term of the series obtained by MHPM. The exact solutions for initial value problems of FPDE are(More)
This paper presents a sensitivity analysis of using instantaneous multichannel two-dimensional (2D) imaging to achieve instantaneous 2D imaging spectroscopy. A simulated multiple-filter mosaic was introduced and used to acquire multichannel data which were transformed into spectra. The feasibility of two different transformation approaches (the concrete(More)