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Negotiation is a process of reaching an agreement on the terms of a transaction such as price, quantity, for two or more parties in multi-agent systems such as E-Commerce. It tries to maximize the benefits for all parties. Argumentation-based negotiation has been proposed as an alternative to proposalbased approaches such as game theory and heuristic. The(More)
Chemoinformatics clustering algorithms are important issues for drug discovery process. So, there are many clustering algorithms that are available for analyzing large chemical data sets of medium and high dimensionality. The quality of these algorithms depends on the nature of data sets and the accuracy needed by the application. The applications of(More)
Due to the great amount of information available on the web, Question/Answering systems have become a focus for researchers and users as well. This paper introduces a proposed design for an Arabic Question Answering system based on Query Expansion ontology and an Arabic Stemmer. A set of factoid CLEF and TREC questions used to evaluate the system. Improved(More)
Information Retrieval systems have become a crucial part of any search engine, taking into consideration the increased number of pages and documents added to the World Wide Web every day. Question/Answering systems are specific to retrieve the most accurate answer among several documents; this paper will present an improved methodology and implementation of(More)
Encryption algorithms used in privacy preserving protocols can be affected on overall performance. In this paper we study several encryption algorithms with two methods of privacy preserving association rule mining on distributed horizontal database (PPARM4, and PPARM3). The first method PPARM4 computes association rules that hold globally while limiting(More)
Text Categorization is a technique for assigning documents based on their contents to one or more pre-defined categories. Achieving highest categorization accuracy remains one of the major challenges and it is also time consuming. We proposed approach to tackle these challenges. The proposed approach uses Frequency Ratio Accumulation Method (FRAM) as a(More)
The problem of controlling the output power of the nuclear power station (NPS) is considered. Automatic power stabilization control is the desired goal for any nuclear reactor operation policy, especially, NPS. In this paper the conventional controllers like Proportional-derivative (PD) were designed for the power control system of the NPS. Tuning(More)
The main goal of compression is to reduce the amount of data required to represent a digital image. Conformal mapping has long been an important topic in complex analysis. In this paper, the proposed image compression technique based on conformal mapping transformation is introduced. The most recent standard compression technique, JPEG2000 compression(More)
In this paper, we propose modified least significant bit steganography technique in order to make the technique more secure and hence less predictable. In this technique, the function and threshold value are randomly generated that used to encrypt the secret message using bit exchange method. The encrypted message is embedded into host image. Experimental(More)