Hamdy Fouad Moselhy

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BACKGROUND The relationship between midline structural defects and schizophrenia remains unclear, although a number of neuroradiological studies have reported an association between schizophrenia and a range of anomalies. METHOD Three patients are reported, each diagnosed with schizophrenia and neuroradiological evidence of midline structural anomalies.(More)
BACKGROUND Many patients suffering from psychosis are nonadherent to their medications. Nonadherence can range from treatment refusal to irregular use or partial change in daily medication doses. AIM To investigate whether symptom dimensions, post-discharge care plans and being involved with faith healer affect the adherence to treatment in patients with(More)
Schizophrenia is a clinically and genetically heterogeneous disorder of unknown etiology. PDLIM5 variants have been linked to schizophrenia and other related neuropsychiatric disorders and upregulated in the brain of schizophrenia patients suggesting a possible pathogenic role in disease progression. The aim of this study is to examine the potential(More)
The scheduling zero-wait (ZW) and no intermediate storage transfer (NIS) policy of multi-product batch processes in order to produce a number of low volume high value-added chemical products because of its economic impact. It involves various parameters such as makespan (completion time) which is recognized as one of the important design parameter as it(More)
BACKGROUND Life satisfaction is widely considered to be a central aspect of human welfare. Many have identified happiness with it, and some maintain that well-being consists largely or wholly in being satisfied with one's life. Empirical research on well-being relies heavily on life satisfaction studies. AIMS The aim of this study was to examine the(More)
Objective. Recent observations in Iraq during the period of sanction suggest the existence of benzhexol prescribing linked to its calming effects on explosive behaviours. This inspired our group to research the existence of this practice and the characteristics of those involved in it. Method. All patients from the psychiatric service in Merjan Hospital, Al(More)
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