Hamdy Fouad Moselhy

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BACKGROUND Life satisfaction is widely considered to be a central aspect of human welfare. Many have identified happiness with it, and some maintain that well-being consists largely or wholly in being satisfied with one's life. Empirical research on well-being relies heavily on life satisfaction studies. AIMS The aim of this study was to examine the(More)
Malondialdehyde (MDA) is one of the most commonly reported biomarkers of lipid peroxidation in clinical studies. The reaction of thiobarbituric acid (TBA) with MDA to yield a pink chromogen attributable to an MDA-TBA₂ adduct is a common assay approach with products being quantified by ultraviolet-Vis assay as nonspecific TBA-reactive substances (TBARS) or(More)
Introduction. This studywas designed to elucidatethe relationshipbetween different types of covert face recognition. Some patients with prosopagnosia (i.e., the profound inability to recognise previously familiar faces) nonetheless evince autonomic face recognition (elevated skin-conductance levels to familiar faces) or behavioural indices of covert(More)
Epileptic activity within the brain has an effect on the behavior, mood, and cognitive functions of the epileptic patient. Additionally, his/her behavior and mood may be affected by the attitude of others to his/her disability. Furthermore, the patient’s social and psychological adaptations may modify his/her epileptic experiences. As a consequence of the(More)
BACKGROUND Although brief and acute psychoses are usually dramatic in presentation, they usually have benign course. Studies investigating clinical features and changes in diagnosis between psychotic episodes have differed in design. However, some consistent findings have emerged. This study seeks to clarify and extend these features by describing and(More)
BACKGROUND The relationship between midline structural defects and schizophrenia remains unclear, although a number of neuroradiological studies have reported an association between schizophrenia and a range of anomalies. METHOD Three patients are reported, each diagnosed with schizophrenia and neuroradiological evidence of midline structural anomalies.(More)
OBJECTIVES To study all psychiatric referrals by General Practitioners (GPs) to the psychiatric service at Al-Ain Hospital for 7 years starting from July 1997 till December 2003. The study examined the appropriateness of referrals and the quality of information presented in the referral document. Also, it studied the outcome of this referral including the(More)
Objective: The aim of this study was to compare sexual dysfunctions in male patients dependent on heroin and those on methadone or buprenorphine treatment for opiate dependence. Methods: Ninety-one patients (30 in the heroin group, 33 in the methadone group, and 28 in the buprenorphine group) were recruited from outpatient attendees at a community drug team(More)
BACKGROUND Since the beginning of the Egyptian political conflict, Tahrir Square has been the epicentre of intense political violence. Students attending schools located near this square witnessed and/or directly experienced the consequences of a series of violent events. AIM This study will investigate the presence of psychiatric symptoms in children(More)