Hamdy Abd Elhamid

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We present new compact modeling techniques which have been applied for different types of multiple-gate MOSFETs: double-gate MOSFETs, gate all around MOSFETs and FinFETs. Long channel models are obtained by deriving a unified charge control model from the solution the 1-D Poisson's equation (considering volume inversion), and using it in an adequate(More)
Lab-on-a-Chip technology promises many advantages as compared to existing medical diagnostic tools including better and improved performance, portability, reliability and cost reduction. The Lab-on-a-Chip technology changed the traditional way by which biological samples are inspected in laboratories during analyses. A Lab-on-a-Chip is composed of four main(More)
Comparisons of FinFET based ring oscillator (RO) metrics are evaluated with technology scaling from 20nm to 7nm technology. Simulations are based on predictive technology models (PTM) developed by Arizona state university. The impact of process and temperature variations on frequency, power, and power delay product is reported. Performance and power of the(More)
The importance of the dynamic analysis for SRAM operation increases as a result of shrinking access cycle time, voltage scaling and increased process variations. In this paper, quantitative study of the dynamic read noise margin (DNM) is introduced showing the evolution from the static read noise margin (SNM) to DNM through cumulative dynamic effects in(More)
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