Hamdollah Moshtaghi

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Numerous investigations have been conducted on the relationship between cigarette smoking and male infertility, however, the exact molecular mechanisms are not well understood in most of the cases. Few studies have indicated the direct effect of seminal plasma (SP) [in different dilutions with phosphate buffer solution (PBS)] from smokers (SM) on the sperm(More)
Listerosis may be transmitted by direct contact with infected animals or by consumption of contaminated vegetables, meat, or milk products. Raw milk samples obtained from the Milk Industry Foundation, five private dairy companies, and individual dairy farms in Shahrekord, Iran, were tested for the presence of Listeria species. A total of 500 raw milk(More)
Because of contamination of feeds with mycotoxins, assessment and detection of mycotoxins, specially aflatoxins in feed stuff and comparison them to standards for prevention of aflatoxicosis will be necessary. A total of 80 samples from four different feeds (straw, alfalfa, corn and concentrate) were randomly collected over two periods, from 10(More)
This research was conducted to determine selenium, copper, zinc, iron, calcium, phosphorous and magnesium concentration in the pus of cow liver abscess. The liver has a large reserve of function and approximately three-quarters of its parenchyma must be rendered inactive before clinical signs of hepatic dysfunction appear. Local suppurative infections of(More)
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