Hamda Al Thawadi

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The tumor stroma plays an essential role in tumor growth, resistance to therapy and occurrence of metastatic phenotype. Tumor vessels have been considered as passive conducts for nutrients but several studies have demonstrated secretion of pro-tumoral factors by endothelial cells. The failure of anti-angiogenic therapies to meet expectations raised by(More)
In spite of the growing importance of endothelial protein C receptor/active protein C (EPCR/aPC) in tumor biology, their impact on immunological homeostasis remains largely unexplored. The objective of this study was to assess whether soluble plasma endothelial protein C receptor (sEPCR), which is a regulator of circulating aPC, is involved in innate immune(More)
Microparticles (MPs) are increasingly recognized as important mediators of cell-cell communication in tumour growth and metastasis by facilitating angiogenesis-related processes. While the effects of the MPs on recipient cells are usually well described in the literature, the leading process remains unclear. Here we isolated MPs from ovarian cancer cells(More)
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