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Chemical constituents of Centaurea omphalotricha Coss . & Durieu ex Batt . & Trab
The investigation of the aerial parts of Centaurea omphalotricha Coss allowed the isolation of nine secondary metabolites corresponding to five flavonoids and the structures were established by spectroscopic methods such as H and C NMR, COSY, HSQC, and HMBC experiments, and ESI-MS, and comparison with literature data. Expand
Microphynolides A and B, new spiro-γ-lactone glycosides from Thymelaea microphylla
Two new spiro-γ-lactone glycosides named microphynolide A and microph Cynolide B were isolated from ethyl acetate extracts of the aerial parts and roots of the plant Thymelaea microphylla Coss by using spectroscopic methods and comparison with the literature data. Expand
Secondary Metabolites of Astragalus cruciatus Link . and Their Chemotaxonomic Significance
In continuation of our chemical studies on the se condary metabolites of Algerian saharan species, we report on the isolation, from the methanol extract of the whole plant Astragalus cruciatus Link.,Expand
Cycloartane glycosides from Astragalus gombo
Abstract Six new cycloartane-type triterpene glycosides named 3- O -[ β - d -glucopyranosyl(1 → 2)- β - d -xylopyranosyl]-3 β ,16 β ,23( R ),24( R ),25-pentahydroxycycloartane ( 1 ), 3- O -[ β - dExpand
Diterpenoids and triterpenoids from Euphorbia guyoniana.
Two new compounds with tigliane and cycloartane skeletons, isolated from the roots of Euphorbia guyoniana, are established on the basis of physical and spectroscopic analysis and by comparison with the literature data. Expand
Terpenoids and other constituents from Euphorbia bupleuroides
Three new compounds named 4,20-dideoxy(4α)phorbol-12-benzoate-13-isobutyrate (1), 25-hydroperoxycycloart-3β-ol (2), and 3β,7β-dihydroxy-4α,14α-dimethyl-8β,9β-epoxy-5α-ergosta-24(28)-ene (3) are revealed. Expand
Diterpenoids and triterpenoids from Euphorbia retusa.
Six new ent-abietane lactones, three new esterified tetracyclic triterpenes, and seven known diterpenoids and triter penoids were isolated from the roots of Euphorbia retusa by means of spectroscopic studies. Expand
Minor Ent-abietane Diterpenoids from Euphorbia guyoniana
Three new abietane-type diterpenoids were isolated from the chloroform extract of the roots of Euphorbia guyoniana, establishing structures of the isolated compounds on the basis of spectroscopic analyses and comparison with literature data. Expand
Chemical composition, antioxidant and antibacterial properties of Pteranthus dichotomus from Algerian Sahara
The phytochemical study of ethyl acetate and n-butanol extracts of Pteranthus dichotomus Forssk. led to the isolation and identification of 11 compounds, including three glycolipids 1–3, one lignanExpand