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A key concern for the area of discrete event simulation modelling is to encourage its adoption and use by non-specialists. To achieve this it is important that we focus on developing techniques and tools that can be used easily by people from outside the simulation modelling community. This paper explores the usefulness of one particular simulation(More)
This paper will describe an approach to the development of computer simulations-the 'four phase' approach-which aims to be more accessible than established approaches to non-specialist developers in manufacturing system design. This paper will briefly review the traditional 'three phase' approach and highlight its potential drawbacks. This paper will then(More)
This paper investigates an attempt to combine different simulation tools in order to build a simulation environment that can be used to model complex system behaviour. The component tools used in the project are: the four phase method, a simulation world view derived from the three phase approach especially for Object-Oriented and iconic representation;(More)
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