Hamad I. Alsawalqah

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Following the dawn of autonomic computing, self-healing systems have been considered as an alternative to maintenance and evolution problems. In web-based applications, the uncertainty about the flux of users is a motivation for implementing a self-healing strategy to tackle response time fluctuations. A knowledge base is implemented to support monitoring(More)
Software Product Line, SPL, is a software development strategy in which products are developed from a common set of core assets in a prescribed way with product specific features to satisfy specific market segment [1]. The SPL development process is carried out in two phases: the first phase is about building core assets called domain engineering, which has(More)
Due to the increased competition and the advent of mass customization, software firms are applying the Software Product Line Engineering (SPLE) approach to provide product variety in a cost-effective manner. Although the key to designing a successful software product family is the product platform, yet there is lack of measures and methods that are useful(More)
A new class of data management systems that operate on highvolume streaming data is becoming increasingly important. As this kind of systems has to process unpredictable streaming data in real-time and deliver instantaneous responses, it becomes very difficult to precisely validate stream processing results in timely manner, verify stream computation that(More)
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