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As the size and complexity of space launches continues to grow an architecture is becoming ever more necessary to accurately organize and determine workforce requirements for the involved organizations. The Launch Services Program at Kennedy Space Center has recently begun using a tool developed by the technology consulting firm Booz-Allen Hamilton(More)
This paper presents the results of a software system which integrates geographical information systems (GIS), object oriented simulation (OOS), and multi-sensor fusion algorithms. This system allows the Navy to evaluate the performance of different multi-sensor configurations in order to identify enemy ships, friendly ships, or other entities present in the(More)
The purpose of this paper is to discuss an object-oriented simulation framework/model for the US Navy that simulates the behavior of ships in a combat environment. This model provides a framework which helps to improve threat recognition, undersea tactical awareness, countermeasure emissions, and counter-weapon fire control to enable surface ships to(More)
This paper discusses information fusion methodologies, selection of one of these methodologies, and application of these fusion methodologies to underwater sonar simulation. Bayesian Inference and Dempster-Shafer are the two methods that have been studied in detail. In conclusion, the Dempster-Shafer approach was selected as the preferred method.(More)
Garment manufacturers usually work with a short vision of the demand to come in the following months. So they want to borrow as little as possible while still making a good profit at the end of the year. This study models a garment manufacturer's cash flow with the objective of finding scenarios where the company will be employing a low level of its(More)
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