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As one of ITS technique, a new visible light road-to-vehicle communication system at intersections is proposed. In this system, the communication between a vehicle and an LED traffic light is conducted using an LED traffic light as a transmitter, and an on-vehicle high-speed camera as a receiver. The LEDs in the transmitter emit light in high frequency and(More)
Recently, many researchers have been attracted to intermittently connected mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs), which are a type of DTN (delay/disruption/disconnect tolerant network). To achieve end-to-end communication between a source node and a destination node in the networks, storecarry-forward routing has been considered as a promising solution. In this(More)
This paper considers the problem of diagnosing people's driving skills under real driving conditions using GPS data and video records. For this real environment implementation, a brand new intelligent driving diagnosis system based on fuzzy logic was developed. This system seeks to propose an abstraction of expert driving criteria for driving assessment.(More)
We present a high performance embedding environment for developing vision based vehicle/ robot controlling. This particular environment is consisted of two main parts as recognition part and control part. Former can conducts vision based recognition targets such as obstacle detection while latter can controls the vehicle/robot in real time following the(More)
A lot of studies can be found in the literature for ground operational robot such as humanoid robot, wheel robot, snake type robot and so on. On the other hand, some studies can be found in the literature for indoor and outdoor air operational robot development such as small type helicopter and multi copter controlling. If a robot can conduct both air and(More)