Halong N Vu

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Dry preservation has been explored as an energy-efficient alternative to cryopreservation, but the high sensitivity of mammalian cells to desiccation stress has been one of the major hurdles in storing cells in the desiccated state. An important strategy to reduce desiccation sensitivity involves use of the disaccharide trehalose. Trehalose is known to(More)
Retroviral vectors are powerful tools for the introduction of transgenes into mammalian cells and for long-term gene expression. However, their application is often limited by a rapid loss of bioactivity: retroviruses spontaneously loose activity at 37 degrees C, with a half-life of 4 to 9 h depending on the retrovirus type. We sought to determine which(More)
Retroviruses are one of the most commonly used vectors in ongoing gene therapy clinical trials. To evaluate and advance virus production on the microscale platform, we have created a novel microfluidic bioreactor for continuous retrovirus production. We investigated the growth kinetics of a retroviral packaging cell line in microfluidic bioreactors for(More)
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