Hallvard Lilleng

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A 52 year old woman presented with neuropathic pain in both legs. Clinical neurological and neurophysiological examinations showed polyneuropathy, and a diagnostic work-up found no evidence of concomitant disorders or current drug use. She was treated with carbamazepin, but we stopped the drug because she had persistent dizziness. We started her on 400 mg(More)
In this cross-sectional study we assessed the prevalence of hyperCKemia, defined as persistent CK values ≥210 U/L in women, ≥400 U/L in men <50 years and ≥280 U/L in men ≥50 years (reference values according to the Nordic Reference Interval Project). Blood samples were obtained from 12,828 participants in the 6th survey of The Tromsø Study. We identified(More)
In this case-control study we assessed the clinical impact of persistent hyperCKemia in a Norwegian general population. HyperCKemia was defined according to the NORIP- references (women 35-210 U/L, men <50 years 50-400 U/L, and men ≥50 years 40-280 U/L). We compared the frequency of muscular symptoms and function, neuromuscular diseases and risk factors(More)
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