Hallstein Asheim Hansen

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The agonistic and antagonistic effects of the new compound SCH 23390 were tested in functional model systems for the D-1 dopamine receptor and for the D-2 dopamine receptor in vitro. In superfused rat neostriatal slices the increase in the efflux of cyclic AMP was used as a parameter for D-1 receptor stimulation. D-2 receptor stimulation was measured as the(More)
Many complex continuous systems are modeled as non-linear autonomous systems, i.e., by a set of differential equations with one independent variable. Exact reachability, i.e., whether a given configuration can be reached by starting from an initial configuration of the system, is undecidable in general, as one needs to know the solution of the system of(More)
The GSPeeDI tool implements a decision procedure for the reachability analysis of GSPDIs, planar hybrid systems whose dynamics is given by differential inclusions, and that are not restricted by the goodness assumption from previous work on the so-called SPDIs. Unlike SPeeDI (a tool for reachability analysis of SPDIs) the underlying analysis of GSPeeDI is(More)
Analysis of systems containing both discrete and continuous dynamics, hybrid systems, is a difficult issue. Most problems have been shown to be undecidable in general, and decidability holds only for few classes where the dynamics are restricted and/or the dimension is low. In this paper we present some theoretical results concerning the decidability of the(More)
Hybrid systems are systems that exhibit both discrete and continuous behavior. Reachability, the question of whether a system in one state can reach some other state, is undecidable for hybrid systems in general. In this paper we are concerned with GSPDIs, 2-dimensional systems generalizing SPDIs (planar hybrid systems based on " simple polygonal(More)
A fail-safe embedded system is a system that will transit to a safe state in the event of a system failure. In these situations the system will typically switch from the normal, now faulty, operational mode to an emergency control mode which will ensure the safety of the system. The switch will have a hard real-time constraint if the results of a temporal(More)
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