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The detection of frequently occurring patterns, also called motifs, in data streams has been recognized as an important task. To find these motifs, we use an advanced event encoding and pattern discovery algorithm. Since a large time series can contain hundreds of motifs, there is a need to support interactive analysis and exploration. In addition, for(More)
Twitter currently receives about 190 million tweets (small text-based Web posts) a day, in which people share their comments regarding a wide range of topics. A large number of tweets include opinions about products and services. However, with Twitter being a relatively new phenomenon, these tweets are underutilized as a source for evaluating customer(More)
Today, online stores collect a lot of customer feedback in the form of surveys, reviews, and comments. This feedback is categorized and in some cases responded to, but in general it is underutilized – even though customer satisfaction is essential to the success of their business. In this paper, we introduce several new techniques to interactively analyze(More)
Scatter Plots are one of the most powerful and most widely used techniques for visual data exploration. A well-known problem is that scatter plots often have a high degree of overlap, which may occlude a significant portion of the data values shown. In this paper, we propose th e generalized scatter plot technique, which allows an overlap-free(More)
Spatiotemporal analysis of sensor logs is a challenging research field due to three facts: a) traditional two-dimensional maps do not support multiple events to occur at the same spatial location, b) three-dimensional solutions introduce ambiguity and are hard to navigate, and c) map distortions to solve the overlap problem are unfamiliar to most users.(More)
Pixel-based visualizations have become popular, because they are capable of displaying large anwunts of data and at the same time provide many details. However, pixel-based visualizations are only effective if the data set is not sparse and the data distribution not random. Single pixels-no maller if they are in an empty area or in the middle of a large(More)
Commercial buildings are significant consumers of electrical power. Also, energy expenses are an increasing cost factor. Many companies therefore want to save money and reduce their power usage. Building administrators have to first understand the power consumption behavior, before they can devise strategies to save energy. Secondly, sudden unexpected(More)
Time series prediction methods are used on a daily basis by analysts for making important decisions. Most of these methods use some variant of moving averages to reduce the number of data points before prediction. However, to reach a good prediction in certain applications (e.g., power consumption time series in data centers) it is important to preserve(More)
—Soccer is one the most popular sports today and also very interesting from an scientific point of view. We present a system for analyzing high-frequency position-based soccer data at various levels of detail, allowing to interactively explore and analyze for movement features and game events. Our Visual Analytics method covers single-player, multi-player(More)
Large manufacturing companies frequently receive thousands of web surveys every day. People share their thoughts regarding a wide range of products, their features, and the service they received. In addition, more than 190 million tweets (small text Web posts) are generated daily. Both survey feedback and tweets are underutilized as a source for(More)