Halit Oztekin

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Hepatitis is a major public health problem all around the world. Hepatitis disease diagnosis via proper interpretation of the hepatitis data is an important classification problem. In this study, a comparative hepatitis disease diagnosis study was realized. For this purpose, a probabilistic neural network structure was used. The results of the study were(More)
The Computer Architecture and Organization course in Computer and Electrical Engineering departments faces with a big problem: the migration from theory to practice. In order to solve this problem, a Computer Architecture simulator named BZK.SAU[1] is designed using an emulator program for educational purpose. This approach has important limitations. While(More)
The most ideal learning about a topic is to put the theoretical knowledge into practice. Computer Architecture and Organization course plays a significant role in the electronics engineering, computer engineering and similar disciplines. To convert practice the concepts handled in this course is not easy task. In this paper, we present a computer(More)
Operating systems and computer architecture and organization course are fundamental topics underlying many disciplines, including computer, electrical and electronics engineering departments. These courses involve both a theoretical and practical part for the effective learning process. A FPGA-based micro computer architecture design named BZK.SAU.FPGA10.1(More)
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