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Even though an individual's knowledge network is known to contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of his or her work in groups, the way that network building occurs has not been carefully investigated. In our study, activities of new product development teams were analyzed to determine the antecedents and consequences on the transactive memory(More)
Software development teams, composed of people from different functional areas who have varying technical skills and personalities, are critical for the success of firms' software development and implementation projects [44]; such projects involve specific activities that start and end at identifiable points in time and produce quantitative and qualitative(More)
Emotional capability is considered an emerging phenomenon in the group behavior literature. However, little attention is given to the role of emotional capability in heterogeneous work groups in general and cross-functional product development teams in particular in an empirical context. In this study, the antecedents and results of the emotional capability(More)
The paper addresses the issue of interrelationships between market orientation, firm innovativeness and innovation performance. Three dimensions of market orientation, namely collection and use of market information, development of market –oriented strategy and implementation of market oriented strategy are measured. Factor analysis is used to validate the(More)
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