Halima Douibi

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An original method based upon high-performance liquid chromatography coupled to ion spray mass spectrometry (HPLC-ISP-MS) has been developed for the identification and quantification of colchicine (COL) in human blood, plasma or urine. After single-step liquid-liquid extraction by dichloromethane at pH 8.0 using tofisopam (TOF) as an internal standard,(More)
Today, Design Patterns play a cornerstone role in the development of complex software applications. Although several notations have been proposed to specify them, the kind of formal and tool support they provide is quite limited. In this paper we explore the use of Maude as a formal notation for describing design patterns and reasoning about them. The key(More)
The use of formal methods is an effective means to improve the reliability and the quality of complex systems. The objective of this work is to adapt one of these methods to UML, so that the systems development depending on this notation can benefit from it. We propose a formal semantic framework, based on rewriting logic, for UML. Thus, we lean on the(More)
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