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— This paper presents a sliding mode control scheme for reconfigurable control of a civil aircraft. The controller is based around a state-feedback sliding mode scheme where the nonlinear unit vector term is allowed to adaptively increase when the onset of a fault is detected. Compared to other fault tolerant controllers which have been implemented on this(More)
— This paper presents a new sensor fault tolerant control (FTC) scheme inspired by a recently developed LPV based sliding mode observer. The robustly reconstructed sensor faults from the observer are used to 'correct' the corrupted measurements before they are used by the existing controller. The modular structure of the sensor FTC scheme allows it to be(More)
This paper describes an on-line sliding mode control allocation scheme for fault tolerant control of the lateral and longitudinal axes of the non-linear B747 aircraft. The effectiveness level of the actuators is used by the control allocation scheme to redistribute the control signals to the functioning actuators when a fault or failure occurs. The(More)