Halil Tanyer Eyyuboglu

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A compact dual-mode microstrip bandpass filter using geometrical slot is presented in this paper. The adopted geometrical slot is based on first iteration of Cantor square fractal curve. This filter has the benefits of possessing narrower and sharper frequency responses as compared to microstrip filters that use single mode resonators and traditional(More)
This paper presents new Wide Bandpass Filter (WBPF) and Narrow Bandstop Filter (NBSF) incorporating two microstrip resonators, each resonator is based on 2nd iteration of Hilbert fractal geometry. The type of filter as pass or reject band has been adjusted by coupling gap parameter (d) between Hilbert resonators using a substrate with a dielectric constant(More)
New characteristics of fractal design scheme has been introduced to generate compact two poles capacitively coupled micro strip band pass filter by using additional coupling stubs for different wireless applications. The presented fractal scheme is based on specific type of Hilbert space-filling curve which is called Hilbert-zz fractal geometry. The(More)
Dual band dual mode chebychev micro strip band pass filter designs are introduced for first time in this paper. The proposed filter designs are based on the use of dual mode square slotted patch micro strip resonator. These filter structures are fractally generated using Sierpinski fractal curve geometry applied to the conventional square micro strip patch(More)
— The proposed filter design topology is based on dual coupled resonators constructed in the form of Peano fractal geometry. A dual-band microstrip bandpass filter with a quasi-elliptic response has been designed for first time based on 1 st iteration Peano fractal geometry at resonant frequencies of 2.25 GHz and 4.825 GHz using a substrate of a relative(More)
A narrowband, compact, and easily fabricated microstrip bandpass filter design is introduced in this paper as a candidate for use in modern wireless systems. The proposed filter design is based on the use of dual-mode (two pole) square slotted microstrip resonator. This microstrip bandpass filter has the advantages of possessing much narrower and sharper(More)
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