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A new digital signal processing approach to shaping intersymbol interference (ISI) and static mismatch errors simultaneously in oversampled multi-level digital to analog converters (DAC) has recently been proposed. In this paper, a mathematical framework is established for analyzing ISI errors as well as comparing the ISI sensitivities of different mismatch(More)
Mobile consumer audio applications are demanding higher performance, longer battery life and lower cost. Achieving low out–of-band noise (OBN) is one of the key elements in designing inexpensive, low-power and robust audio DACs. Lowering OBN reduces the sensitivity to circuit mismatch, glitch energy and clock jitter. The need for an expensive analog post(More)
A transformer-based receiver designed in 45nm CMOS that meets WCDMA, GSM, GPRS, and EDGE system requirements is presented. The receiver requires no interstage SAW filters and consumes 20mA from 1.4V. The use of a transformer at the LNA output helps achieve high linearity by lowering the voltage swing while simultaneously providing current gain. The analog(More)
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