Halil Karahan

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This study aims to produce numerical solutions of one-dimensional advection-diffusion equation using a sixth-order compact difference scheme in space and a fourth-order Runge-Kutta scheme in time. The suggested scheme here has been seen to be very accurate and a relatively flexible solution approach in solving the contaminant transport equation for Pe ≤ 5.(More)
This study proposes one-dimensional advection–diffusion equation (ADE) with finite differences method (FDM) using implicit spreadsheet simulation (ADEISS). By changing only the values of temporal and spatial weighted parameters with ADEISS implementation, solutions are implicitly obtained for the BTCS, Upwind and Crank–Nicolson schemes. The ADEISS uses(More)
This study proposes a transient groundwater modeling using spreadsheet simulation (TGMSS) model for solving groundwater problems. TGMSS may be considered as a practical method and introduction to groundwater modeling that uses spreadsheets instead of conventional groundwater model codes. Irregular aquifer geometry, variable boundary conditions and sinks(More)
This study proposes one-dimensional advection diffusion equation (ADE) with finite differences method (FDM) using spreadsheet simulation (ADESS). By changing only the values of weighted parameter with ADESS model, solutions are obtained for the FTSC, Upwind and Lax Wendroff schemes. Two examples which, have the numerical and analytical solutions in(More)
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