Halil Ibrahim Unal

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Kidney transplantation (KT) is the best available therapy for patients with end-stage renal disease. Infectious complications are a common cause of morbidity and mortality. In this study, we evaluated the risk factors and outcomes of infectious complications in the first year after transplantation. This is a retrospective and observational study of kidney(More)
Patients with trapeziometacarpal joint arthritis stage II or III (according to Dell) and no benefit from non-operative therapy were selected to undergo joint arthroplasty. We performed 32 arthroplasties for first carpometacarpal arthritis in 27 patients using a cementless total trapeziometacarpal joint prosthesis. We undertook a prospective cohort study and(More)
Cytomegalovirus (CMV)-associated diseases remain a major problem in transplant recipients. Early diagnosis is critical. Presentation of early CMV colitis can be mild and nonspecific in transplant recipients. Although serology is helpful in the diagnosis, sometimes it is inadequate. Because the endoscopic features of CMV colitis are specific, colonoscopy(More)
In this work we present an investigation of the influence of particle surface characteristics on the electrorheological (ER) behavior of suspensions of either pure or modified hematite (α-Fe(2)O(3)) particles dispersed in silicone oil. The modification consisted of either dehydration or hydrophobization of the particles before preparing the suspensions. A(More)
In this study, chitosan (CS), Na+-bentonite (Na+-BNT) and chitosan/organo-bentonite (CS/O-BNT) biodegradable composites having three different compositions were investigated. Electrokinetic measurements were examined in aqueous medium by taking the effects pH, electrolytes (NaCl and BaCl2), surfactants (CTAB and SDS), and temperature into account. It was(More)
In this study, a block copolymer of methyl methacrylate (MMA) and styrene (St) synthesized by combined ultrasonic irradiation and reverse atom transfer radical polymerization (RATRP) processes was used. PMMA-b-PSt was partially hydrolyzed and converted to a lithium salt, PMMA-b-PSt-Li, before the electrorheological (ER) measurements carried out. Average(More)
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