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Audiograms and auditory evoked magnetic fields (AEFs) were observed in young male and female adults at different ages before and after being exposed to discotheque music for 4 hours. Sound pressure levels (SPLs) ranged from 95 dB (SPL) up to 130 dB (SPL). After exposure, subjects had temporary threshold shifts up to 20-25 dB, which almost disappeared after(More)
Premature parturition was induced in 115 of 121 sows (95%) that had been given injections of 150 microgram or 200 microgram of "Estrumate", a prostaglandin analogues, on the 112th and 113th days of gestation. The average time that elapsed between injection and parturition of those 115 animals was 27.2 +/- 7.7 hours, with no difference being observed between(More)
The possibility of oestrus induction by means of F-2-alpha prostaglandin was checked on nine gilts. The animals received intramuscular injections of 7.5 mg of 10 mg of PG F2alpha on the tenth or twelfth day of cycle. The sexual behaviours of the animals was followed up, and after slaughter followed macroscopic assessment of the ovaries as well as(More)
An experiment was applied to ovulation-synchronised gilts and old sows. Mean values of pregnancy time were almost one and the same. Variations between the 111th and 117th days were exhibited within the control group. The test animals, however, farrowed on the 109th, 110th, and 111th days within spans of three days (113th to 115th day of pregnancy),(More)
Parturition was induced to 23 sows on the 112th day of pregnancy by intramuscular injection of 7.5 mg PGF2 alpha (Dinoprost-Upjohn Co.). Onset of parturition was achieved within 27 hours and 52 minutes +/- four hours and 54 minutes in 21 animals (91.3 per cent). Average litter size was 11.33 piglets, with parturition time per litter having been five hours(More)
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