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We see therefore that the buphthalmic eye with the average measurements chosen above would have to be 31 mm. long in order that it might' be emmetropic. It is interesting to note that the normal aibhakic eye, i.e., the aphakic eye with normal corneal curvature, must also be 3.1 mm. long in order that parallel incident rays may be focussed upon the retina.(More)
From the above and many similar observations in the Annual Reports, it is clear that the most important, measurable guide to the weather of the year in India is to be found in the pressure variations, more especially the anomalies (variations from average) produced by hot weather actions, and before the reversing or smoothing away action of the rains comes(More)
6. Its biochemistry is modified by oxidation, first to formal-dehyde and then to formic acid, both of which are corrosive poisons. 7. Formic acid is the end-product excreted by the kidneys. 8. If formic acid is present in the urine it will promptly reduce Fehling's solution, thus suggesting to the inexperienced a false diagnosis of diabetes. 9. Van Slyke's(More)