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We will consider He's variational iteration method for solving fractional Riccati differential equation. This method is based on the use of Lagrange multipliers for identification of optimal value of a parameter in a functional. This technique provides a sequence of functions which converges to the exact solution of the problem. The present method performs(More)
In this paper we have used the homotopy analysis method (HAM) to obtain solution of space-time fractional advection-dispersion equation. The fractional derivative is described in the Caputo sense. Some illustrative examples have been presented. The obtained results using homotopy analysis method demonstrate the reliability and efficiency of the proposed(More)
In our manuscript we suggest an approach to obtain the solutions of the fractional differential equations(FDEs). We found the operational matrix within the linear B-spline functions. In this way the investigated equations are turned into a set of algebraic equations. We provide examples to illustrate both accuracy and simplicity of the suggested approach.
In this paper we propose the Bernstein polynomials to achieve the numerical solutions of nonlinear fractional-order chaotic system known by fractional-order Brusselator system. We use operational matrices of fractional integration and multiplication of Bernstein polynomials, which turns the nonlinear fractional-order Brusselator system to a system of(More)
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