Haleh Ayatollahi

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BACKGROUND Nutritional status of women has been considered an important prognostic indicator of pregnancy outcomes. Few studies have evaluated patterns of weight gain and pre-pregnancy body mass index in developing regions where malnutrition and poor weight gain as well as maternal obesity have significant influences on the pregnancy outcome. This study(More)
Although the potential benefits of computer-based records have been identified in different areas of the healthcare environment, in many settings paper-based records and computer-based records are still used in parallel. In this article, emergency department (ED) staff perspectives about the use of paper- or computer-based records are presented. This was a(More)
Investigating factors influencing the use of clinical information systems can help to develop a strategy to improve user acceptance of a given system or similar ones in the future. In this research, we investigated factors influencing the use of information technology in the emergency department (ED). We undertook a qualitative study in which data were(More)
AIM To design a fuzzy expert system to help detect and diagnose the severity of diabetic neuropathy. METHODS The research was completed in 2014 and consisted of two main phases. In the first phase, the diagnostic parameters were determined based on the literature review and by investigating specialists' perspectives (n = 8). In the second phase, 244(More)
OBJECTIVES A patient accounting system is a subsystem of a hospital information system. This system like other information systems should be carefully designed to be able to meet users' requirements. The main aim of this research was to investigate users' requirements and to determine whether current patient accounting systems meet users' needs or not. (More)
OBJECTIVES This study aimed to compare nurses' satisfaction with, and expectations of, hospital information systems in two teaching hospitals. METHODS This was a survey study, which was completed in 2014. The potential participants were 267 nurses who worked in two teaching hospitals and used the same hospital information system. Data were collected using(More)
INTRODUCTION A hospital information system has potentials to improve the accessibility of clinical information and the quality of health care. However, the use of this system has resulted in new challenges, such as concerns over health information security. This paper aims to assess the status of information security in terms of administrative, technical(More)
Introduction: In clinical practices, the use of information technology, especially computerized provider order entry (CPOE) systems, has been found to be an effective strategy to improve patient care. This study aimed to compare physicians' and nurses' views about the impact of CPOE on their workflow.
Background: This study has evaluated urinary tract injuries and dysfunction after Radical Hysterectomy (RH) performed in patients with cervical cancer and has compared the cystometric parameters and urinary complications occurring in these patients with those occurring in patients who had undergone Simple Hysterectomy (SH).
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