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In t h i s note we consider the recurrence r e l a t i o n n fn+l = L fk a n-k k = 0 where f = 1 and <a n > and <b n > are sequences of parameters. Equation (1) is termed the convolved Fibonacci equation because of the occurrence on the right side of the convolution of the sequences <f n > and <a n >. Special cases of (1) include the following: When CLQ =(More)
Work changes are alterations to the original scope of a contract. Work changes are inevitable in a typical construction project due to the complex nature of the construction industry. It is not possible to foresee these changes at the pre-construction or bidding stages. The changes may affect originally planned means and methods and, thus, may impact the(More)
Changes in the conditions under which construction operations take place disrupt projects and can have severe construction cost impacts that must be quantified. This paper presents a case study in which discrete event simulation was used to quantify the impacts of a change in a highway construction project.
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