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The Work for the Empire of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council
Mr. President and Gentlemen,—You make me feel a little shy. When I somewhat incontinently accepted your kind invitation I wholly forgot that I was a Judge of the Privy Council. Thank heaven, I haveExpand
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List of Hospitals, Dispensaries, etc., in Connexion with the Medical Schools of Scotland
Royal Public Dispensary and Vaccine Institution. About 12,700 patients annually. Medical Officers. Drs Ritchie, Stephenson, Cairns, Spence, Linton, G. W. Balfour, Sanders, Husband, D. Wilson, Millar,Expand
Brave New World and some other literary works containing a similar image of science year 1921 1923 1923 1931 1932 Name
The paper, a part of MA dissertation, shows that Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World stem­ med from his desire to take a stand in the debate on science, technology and society in inter­ war Britain. ItExpand
List of Hospitals, Dispensaries, Etc., in Connexion with the Medical Schools of Scotland
Royal Infirmary, including Lock Hospital. Upwards of 5G0 Beds. Visits daily from 12 till 2 p.m. Physicians?Drs Bennett, Laycock, Maclagan, and Sanders, Professors of Clinical Medicine; ProfessorExpand
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GuNN, J. A.. An apparatus for perfusing the mammalian heart 46, 506, 1913. ,, A syphon out-flow recorder 47, m, 1913. A simple respiratory stethograph 52, xxix, 1918. and Heathcote, R. St A. TheExpand