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Dynamic route guidance (DRG) is an ITS application targeted to reduce the prolonged daily periods of severe congestion. The success of such system relies on its ability to disseminate reliable pieces of information to travelers in real time. The predictive accuracy of disseminated information requires a realistic understanding and representation of drivers'(More)
This paper presents a design for a fault diagnosis system (FDS) for tapped high/extra-high voltage (HV/EHV) power transmission lines (TL's). These tapped lines have two different protection zones. The proposed approach reduces the cost and the complexity of the FDS for these types of lines. The FDS, basically, utilizes fifteen artificial neural networks(More)
Grafting of monomer onto polymer backbone is one of the effective and accessible methods for the chemical modification of polysaccharides. Grafting of acrylamide (AAm) onto polysaccharides blend (PsB) composed of starch, chitosan and alginate has been carried out using potassium persulfate (KPS) as an initiator. The kinetics of the grafting polymerization(More)
We report 20 chronic leg ulcers successfully treated by rotating an anterior tibial flap, which is a modification of the dorsalis pedis flap. The sizes of the flaps ranged from 6 x 6 cm up to 15 x 13 cm; the largest ones are not recommended, for fear of development of persistent lymphedema of the foot. These flaps are dissected upward through the leg and(More)
Photomodulation Raman scattering spectroscopy has been employed to study free charge trapping mechanisms at ZnSe-GaAs(001) heterostructure interfaces. This technique reveals that the interfacial region contains predominantly hole traps. Time dependent measurements of the photomodulated Raman scattering intensity show that interfacial charge-trap lifetime is(More)
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