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Background: Burnout is a mental condition defined as a result of continuous and long-term stress exposure, particularly related to psychosocial factors at work. This paper aims to examine the psychometric properties of the Maslach Burnout Questionnaire (MBI-HSS) for validation of use in Lebanon, and to describe burnout and associated factors amongst nurses(More)
Introduction: Abdominal deposition of fat has been described as the type of obesity that offers the greatest risk for the health of individuals, and is associated with increased mortality, and morbidity. Conicity index (Ci), Body mass index (BMI), and waist hip ratio (WHR) are used to predict the risk of obesity related diseases. However, it has not been(More)
Advances in blood glucose monitoring have made it easier, more comfortable, and more practical for patients to monitor frequently. The new meters for intermittent monitoring are smaller and less dependent on technical aptitude than older models. They require less blood, and many provide downloadable information for glucose analysis. Data systems used with(More)
Healthcare workers (HCWs) who are employed in traditional health care workplaces face a serious danger that may threaten their life; it is their exposure to blood and body fluids (BBF). In Lebanon, the introduction of a hospital accreditation system has put a particular emphasis on staff safety, and on the evaluation of professional practice (EPP) programs.(More)
Measuring and monitoring health related quality of life (HRQoL) in youth are important for both researchers and decision makers. During the time that young people are at university, many will encounter a number of academic, as well as social, emotional and psychological difficulties. The aims of this study are to: 1) assess the health related quality of(More)
Clouds are more and more becoming a credible alternative to parallel dedicated resources. The pay-per-use pricing policy however highlights the real cost of computing applications. This new criterion, the cost, must then be assessed when scheduling an application in addition to more traditional ones as the completion time or the execution flow. In this(More)
Distributed platforms become heterogeneous in more and more domains, as heterogeneous computing (HC) onto grids or reconfigurable factories in the industry. For production grids and factories, it is mandatory to control and optimize the economic cost of a such platforms regarding performance objectives. We present in this paper a study which purpose is to(More)
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