Hala Ibrahim Awadalla

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BACKGROUND Diabetes is a serious public health problem that threatens the quality of life of patiens with diabetes, the success of long-term maintenance therapy for diabetes depends largely on the patients' compliance with a therapeutic plan. AIM OF THIS STUDY To assess compliance of diabetic patients to diabetes self-Management in rural El Minia, and to(More)
UNLABELLED INTRODUCTION An increasing number of people all around the world are turning to the nature by using the natural herbal products in both prophylaxes and treatment of different diseases. Green tea with active chemical ingredients posses diverse pharmacological properties that include anti-inflammatory, anticariogenic, antioxidant and(More)
BACKGROUND Surveillance of infectious disease markers in the blood donor population is important in recognizing trends in prevalence and incidence of transfusion related infections in asymptomatic volunteer blood donors. SUBJECTS AND METHODS It was a cross sectional study. Samples were collected from volunteer blood donors and questionnaire was designed(More)
Primary health-care centers provide outpatient health care and primary preventive activities for people in general and for mothers and children in particular. Medical care aims not only to improve health status, but also to respond to patients’ needs and wishes and to ensure their satisfaction with care. The patient-clinician relationship is a central(More)
This study was carried out in a governmental school for mentally disabled children in El Minia. We assessed maternal adaptation and the relationship between maternal sociodemographic factors and adaptation as well as examining maternal distress. All 100 mothers with children aged 6-18 years attending the school were recruited in the study. Three tools were(More)
Influenza is a zoonotic disease caused by a variety of the RNA flu virus. Influenza is a winter illness in temperate climates. Influenza seasons differ each year in length and severity. The viruses are grouped into three types, A, B and C. The emergence of new influenza A viruses could lead to pandemics. Study the effect of some sociodemographic risk(More)
BACKGROUND THE REPORTS OF A RISE IN CONTRACEPTIVE PRACTICES HAVE NOT BEEN MATCHED BY A SIMILAR DECREASE IN POPULATION: therefore, there is a need to look into the causes of this discrepancy. The objectives of this study were to determine the prevalence of different methods of contraception used by Egyptian women, to compare different contraception methods(More)
  • Nüfus Ve Sağlık, Araştırmasından Sonuçlar, Hala Awadalla
  • 2013
ÖZET AMAÇ: İstenmeyen gebelik; sadece ilgili bireyleri değil aynı zamanda toplumu etkileyen önemli bir halk sağlığı sorunudur. Gebelikten korunmak isteyen çoğu çift kontrasepsiyon uygular. Bu çalışmanın hedefleri değişik kontrasepsiyon yöntemlerinde devamsızlık sıklığını belirlemek ve kontraseptif kullanımında devamsızlığın nedenlerini tanımlamaktır.(More)
We investigated the effect of chronic renal failure on the emotional status, social and psychological adaptation and the cognitive status of patients and the effect of a programme to improve the psychosocial state of the patients; 40 renal dialysis patients and 40 healthy controls were included. We used the Emotional Status Scale, Psychosocial Adaptation(More)
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