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recent developments in the field of human movements modelling supply new ways in which to view complete models for analysing and understanding complex movements. Based on a kinematic theory and an algebraic beta-elliptic model, a new way for understanding the inherent mechanisms that govern handwriting movement generation is presented here. This paper(More)
This paper studies the dependence between geometry and kinematics in handwriting generation Movements. Based on a handwriting generation model developed earlier, movements parameters are extracted directly from on-line recording of velocity profiles. These parameters, which reflect dynamic process, are found to be highly related to the geometry of(More)
In this paper, we present PerTOHS theory for on-line handwriting segmentation, based on the fact that in order to identify patterns, our human perceptual system is based on basic features called perceptual codes. Analysing handwriting, we notice the existence of elementary and global ones. Perceptual organization of elementary perceptual codes in various(More)
Today many students produce a wrong and illegible handwriting. The traditional approach for handwriting teaching needs a long hour of handwriting practice, and teacher needs a lot of time to check the handwriting errors. Unfortunately, this is not feasible in many cases. In this paper we introduce an automated educational tool for Arabic Handwriting(More)