Hal Z. Gurgenci

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Effect of temperature-dependent viscosity on fully developed forced convection in a duct of rectangular cross-section occupied by a fluid-saturated porous medium is investigated analytically. The Darcy flow model is applied and the viscosity-temperature relation is assumed to be an inverse-linear one. The case of uniform heat flux on the walls, i.e. the H(More)
The University of Queensland’s (UQ) Geothermal Centre (QGECE) has developed an innovative new cooling tower technology to reduce water consumption and the cost of generating electricity in regional Australia. Remote Australian communities need cost effective small scale power generation options [1, 2]. Small scale thermal power plants (1-10 MW) using(More)
Temperature dependent viscosity effect in buoyancy driven flow, of a gas or a liquid, in an enclosure filled with a porous medium is studied numerically, based on the general model of momentum transfer in a porous medium. The Arrhenius model, which proposes an exponential form of viscosity-temperature relation, is applied to examine three cases of(More)
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