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Nine repetitive DNA sequences, present in the haploid Arabidopsis thaliana genome in 7–300 copies, were hybridized in situ to metaphase and interphase chromosomes. Every sequence was detected on all five chromosome pairs, but was not evenly dispersed over the genome. Clusters of signals were found in particular regions of the centromeric heterochromatin,(More)
Detection of free malignant cells in the peritoneal cavity following curative resections of colorectal cancer may explain why some patients develop local or peritoneal recurrence after favourable operations. We have examined the incidence of peritoneal malignant cells using standard cytological methods and by indirect immunoperoxidase staining using(More)
Abnormalities of the tumour suppressor gene p53 have been shown in approximately 60% of advanced gastric adenocarcinomas and it has been suggested that the immunohistochemical finding of increased p53 expression is a prognostic marker in gastric cancer. No studies of early (T1) tumours have been reported. Over expression of p53 protein in 95 early gastric(More)
The red powdery extract from the seeds of the annatto, Bixa orellana, is a well known food colouring. In an oil suspension it is used as a folk remedy (bush tea) in the West Indies, for diabetes mellitus. Detailed investigations on this extract, yielded a methyl ester, trans-bixin, molecular weight 394 and molecular formula C24H30O4. This purified substance(More)
Perianal complications of Crohn's disease occur in 25-70% of patients but perineal and genital lesions are rare. Treatment is controversial and there is a risk of recurrent or persistent disease. We report two cases of Crohn's disease involving the penis, one with multiple scrotal urinary fistulae, partial destruction of the proximal urethra, and ulceration(More)
This presentation describes interim findings in a series of 319 patients referred from 41 hospitals on the basis of histopathological findings of 'early gastric cancer', 'dysplasia', or 'worrying mucosal appearances'. Data were recorded using a predefined proforma, and histopathological material circulated amongst a 'panel' of three further pathologists.(More)
 The middle repetitive fraction of the Arabidopsis genome has been relatively poorly characterized. We describe here a novel repetitive sequence cloned in the plasmid mi167, and present in ∼90 copies in the genome of Arabidopsis thaliana ecotype Columbia. Hybridization analysis to physically mapped YAC clones representing Arabidopsis chromosome 4 revealed(More)
The crude five year survival of patients with colorectal cancer complicating ulcerative colitis in a large series of patients under long term review has, for the first time, been compared with the survival of patients with colorectal cancer in the general population (West Midlands region) from which the colitic patients were drawn. Thirty five cases of(More)