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b ackgr ound Missing data have seriously compromised inferences from clinical trials, yet the topic has received little attention in the clinical-trial community. 1 Existing regulatory guidances 2-4 on the design, conduct, and analysis of clinical trials have little specific advice on how to address the problem of missing data. A recent National Research(More)
This paper extends an approach for estimating the ancestry probability, the probability that an inbred line is an ancestor of a given hybrid, to account for genotyping errors. The effect of such errors on ancestry probability estimates is evaluated through simulation. The simulation study shows that if misclassification is ignored, then ancestry(More)
Rob Kass presents a fascinating vision of a " post "-Bayes/frequentist-controversy world in which practical utility of statistical models is the guiding principle for statistical inference. I agree with Kass on many points. In particular, Kass is correct (in my opinion) when he notes that much modern statistical work develops statistical models (the(More)
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