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  • H Smith
  • 1987
In this paper we study the cyclic gene model with repression considered by H. T. Banks and J. M. Mahaffy. Roughly, the model describes a biochemical feedback loop consisting of an integer number G of single gene reaction sequences in series. The model leads to a system of functional differential equations. We show that there is a qualitative difference in(More)
It is shown that a chemostat with two organisms can be made coexistent by means of feedback control of the dilution rate. Remaining freedom in the feedback law can be used to guarantee robustness or improve particular performance indices. Unfortunately a topological property prevents coexistence by feedback control for chemostats with more than two(More)
The provision of mental health services in the correctional system is challenging at best for various clinical, administrative, and structural reasons. Among the complicating factors is the assessment and management of character pathology which either confounds the treatment of more "serious" mental illnesses, e.g. Axis I disorders, and/or presents itself(More)
In this article, we study the global dynamics of a discrete two-dimensional competition model. We give sufficient conditions on the persistence of one species and the existence of local asymptotically stable interior period-2 orbit for this system. Moreover, we show that for a certain parameter range, there exists a compact interior attractor that attracts(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine inpatients discharged from a forensic psychiatric hospital to a civil hospital at the completion of their correctional sentence. METHOD Extract information from a patient database. RESULTS About 20% of the discharges from the New York State forensic hospital that serves mentally ill state prison inmates, Central New York Psychiatric(More)
A mathematical model of a mixed culture of bacteria in a fully three dimensional flow reactor which accounts for the colonization of the reactor wall surface by the microbes is studied both analytically and by simulation. It can be viewed as a model of the large intestine or of the fouling of a commercial bio-reactor or pipe flow. The primary focus is on(More)