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  • Jeerey K Mackie-Mason, Hal R Varian, Address Hal, R Varian, Jeffrey K Mackie-Mason
  • 1993
This paper was prepared for the conference " Public Access to the Internet, " JFK School of Government, May 26–27 , 1993. We describe the technology and cost structure of the NSFNET backbone of the Internet, and discuss how one might price Internet access and use. We argue that usage-based pricing is likely to be necessary to control congestion on the(More)
The field of economic mechanism design has been an active area of research in economics for at least 20 years. This field uses the tools of economics and game theory to design ''rules of interaction'' for economic transactions that will, in principle, yield some desired outcome. In this paper I provide an overview of this subject for an audience interested(More)
This is a set of Frequently Asked Questions and answers about the economic, institutional, and technological structure of the Inter-net. We describe the history and current state of the Internet, discuss some of the pressing economic and regulatory problems, and speculate about future developments. 1 What is a FAQ? FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions.(More)
They say that economists are people who are good with numbers but don't have the personality to become accountants. I want to belie that mild-mannered image by doing something rash and even downright dangerous: I want to talk to you about some work in my subject, economics, that I think might be relevant to the work in your subject, information retrieval. I(More)